Add Social Subscription Networks in List Style To Blogger

Social media always help every site or blog to grow at faster speed. So it is important to use every possible way which is beneficial for us. I already publish many social plugins in different and amazing style in my Blogger Tutorials. But today i decide to publish an another widget for blogger for social networks.This widget don't include any … [Read more...]

Fast Loading Email Subscription Widget for Blogger

Almost every blogger knows the importance of email subscription widget in your blog. Email subscription helps your readers to reach your blog when you provide new article or update your blog. Moreover, an easy email subscription box attracts your readers to subscribe your blog straightforwardly. So today, this post is about adding a fast … [Read more...]

10 stylish email subscription widget for Blogger

Email subscription widgets help you to get more subscribers to your blog. These widgets not only increase your traffic but also helps you to grow a loyal community. You can use these emails any time to make your reader updated about your services or posts.Even some online gurus consider email as the best marketing strategy. And even stats shows … [Read more...]

Unique Email Subscription Box Widget for Blogger

If you are a Blogger, I am sure you must be aware of advantage of having a Blog subscription box. Subscription box is a widget that simply allows the readers to subscribe to your blog, either via RSS or Email and to connect with you on various other social networking sites. So, it is an essential widget for every blog.This subscribe box is … [Read more...]

Add “Do You Like This Article” Box Under Blogger Post

Adding any type of social sharing buttons, follow button and  follow by email box differently covers lot of space. Sometime we also feel difficulty while arranging them correctly to get more response from visitors side for more subscribe, shares and follows equally but if you feel that you are losing your visitors without getting better … [Read more...]