How to Clear Cache in Chrome – Super Fast way

How to Clear Cache in Chrome – Super Fast way - You already know about Google Chrome. The fastest browser in the world to use different internet services but do know why is faster than other browsers? Actually, google chrome automatically store any type of website data while you browse or open any website. You can also check this by doing this … [Read more...]

(Paytm Exclusive) Trick To Get Paytm Cashback In Non-kyc Users Account

You all know RBI had made it compulsory to complete wallet Kyc to get cash back in wallets. In Paytm it is required that your Kyc should be completed to get cash back or to send money to anyone. But, today here I am introducing you a trick where you can use FIRSTTIMELUCKY code in new accounts and later you can transfer that cashback to your bank … [Read more...]

Windows Tricks : How to Start Multiple Programs with Single Click

Start Multiple Programs with Single Click - Whenever turning on the PC everyone usually opens the same set of applications. For the example, After turning on PC I normally open my Google Chrome, Outlook, and Music Player to play my favorite songs on the VLC media player. to open all these applications it takes time so here this think come to in my … [Read more...]

How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive ?

Shortcut Viruses is a common problem for most of us and because of these many time, we lost out important data. today MyTricksTime come with a solution to this problem. Yes, now you can remove shortcut virus without any antivirus software and keep your files safe and make your computer faster. Here we posted to remove shortcut virus so check out … [Read more...]

How To Hide WhatsApp Images, Videos and Audios From Android Gallery

Peoples (Like Friends or Family Members) take your mobile and look about your Gallery? and in galley your whats app images and videos also viewed by them. So If you are think about Your Privacy? Do You want to Hide Private Data In Your Android Device? Yes,then Read this article. … [Read more...]