Now Use Facebook Messenger, Without a Facebook Account

Now Use Facebook Messenger, Without a Facebook Account Before some time ago Facebook decided that it is now giving its users the option to use sign up for the Messenger without needing a Facebook account. This news comes in the wake of the fact that Facebook has been trying hard to push Messenger forward as a platform. In a blog post, … [Read more...]

Airtel : Check Which is Free Offer is Available On Your Airtel sim

Hello friends today we again come with something special for you. Actually this article specially for airtel users. In this article we will let you know how you can Check Which is Free Offer is Available On Your Airtel sim. Its not only about free offer you will also get information about which is best offer is running in airtel your sim card and … [Read more...]

How To Turn ON/OFF Auto Refresh Feature In Internet Explorer?

Many of us don't use Internet explorer, but many professionals like to use their official work via Internet Explorer. While surfing we fond many website which we need to refresh in some time for that we have to click refresh page. every time for new update. So we resolve this issue you can enable auto refresh feature in your browser. So when you … [Read more...]

How To Make Single Name Account On Facebook

Now a days Facebook become is a biggest social media site and its become more popular then Google+ or Twitter. Facebook usages daily by millions of users. We found many Facebook tricks but reality is about Facebook tricks is that all Facebook tricks and facts like Facebook chat code tricks but there we found many are spam which may attack your … [Read more...]

How To Unlock Any 3G Modem / Dongle

Do You have a 3G Modem/Dongle of a particular company and can't use other sim card in that 3G Modem/Dongle ?So here is solution of your problem. With this article help you can ale to use any other company sim card in your 3G modem or dongle. In market and internet many person/software clam that they can unlock that device by creaking device … [Read more...]