Change Your Friend’s Profile Picture On Whatsapp

As we all know WhatsApp becoming more popular day by day as compare of any other chat messenger. Many WhatsApp tricks coming day by day which is not officially sharing by WhatsApp but after that these are working fine with whatsapp. Earlier we posted How To Hide WhatsApp Images, Videos and Audios From Android Gallery, Now we are sharing another … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2014 Free Download

Apps store is full of games and app, its really very hard to find out which apps are good and which are just junks, In this post we will list out all best apps  of year 2014 and we also update this list every week by which you will never miss out any apps/games.Read Also:The iPhone 5s tracks your movements for 4 days after the battery … [Read more...]

How To Save Battery On iPhone

Apple’s latest iPhone still do not pack as much of battery life as a few of its nearest competitors. However, by applying some system tweaks, you definitely can improve the iPhone’s battery life greatly. Now since iOS 8 is out in the market, there are more ways to save your mobile’s power.Business and enterprises users love iPhone owing to its … [Read more...]

How to secure your iPhone or iPad from unauthorized pairing using Apple Configurator

Apple was recently accused of creating “backdoor” services in iOS that make it easier for government agencies to spy on users without their knowledge, although the iPhone maker promptly denied those claims in an official response issued yesterday, and followed it up by publishing a support document that provides information about the diagnostic … [Read more...]

The iPhone 5s tracks your movements for 4 days after the battery dies

For those of you who are concerned about privacy and big companies tracking you, the focus of those fears tend to be Google and Facebook, but it looks like you have to add Apple to the list as well. A new report is claiming that the iPhone 5s (and likely the new iPads that also feature the M7 coprocessor) can track your movements for up to 4 … [Read more...]