Free GPRS Tricks on Reliance GSM Mobile for Unlimited Surfing & Downloading

Hi Friends,I am writing first Post on Reliance. I have got a great working hack in reliance GSM simcards about how to use it for free surfing and downloading ! This is very simple trick which you can easily use with you mobiles and can surf the web for free. You will need an s60 or Android phone, “rcomwap” access point settings, UCWEB browser and … [Read more...]

Opera Mini Hidden Secret Config Setting

Opera mini is the No 1 web browser for Mobile phones. Almost everybody use Opera Mini as their Default web browser for their Phones. But many of you do not know how to access the “Secret settings” in Opera mini. This is like “God mode” in windows OS.To get access to this Hidden configuration settings in your Opera mini. Enter the following keywords … [Read more...]

Recharge Your Phone Battery Without Charger

Yes that’s true you can recharge your mobile phone battery without charger for a limited time.It is really annoying when you are away from home and your phone battery goes empty.If you are not carrying the charger the situation is more worse. What will you do if you have to make a call from your phone.There is an easy way without having to recharge … [Read more...]

Default modem driver for CDMA phones and USB net setter

use the following steps if you don't have your phone's modem driver.1. Go to -> Control Panel -> Select Phone and Modem options.2. Install a new modem on your computer. Do not allow the computer to detect a Plug and Play modem. Ins tead, select the Standard 33600 modem that is available as one of the default choices. (Don't worry - it will … [Read more...]