Send Unlimited Free Sms To any Number by Airtel

Today internet has become so much popular and all work can be done throw net but this trick will work without internet. So it's time to send a message when your internet speed is not too good or want to send massage whom, who is not using whatsapp  or any other social network site. Send Unlimited Free Sms to Any Sim by your Airtel mobile no. here … [Read more...]

How to Recover Deleted SMS from SIM or Phone

Recover Deleted SMS from SIM or PhoneHave you deleted SMS messages that you wish had not gotten deleted? You will be happy to know there are a number of different software that can help you recover the messages you need and want, but not all of them are free and you need to purchase the software. However, if you own a Nokia phone you … [Read more...]

List of Top Free SMS Sites in India


SMS ShortCuts…….!!

SMS Short Cuts:1dRfl - wonderful2 - to/too/two2dA - today2moro - tomorrow2nite - tonite3dom - freedom4 - for4get - forget4N - foreignADN - any day nowAFAIK - as far as I knowAFAIR - as far as I recallASAP - as soon as possibleATM - at the momentB - beB4 - beforeB4N - bye for nowBB - bye-byeBf -boyfriendBG - big grinBION - believe it or notBK - big … [Read more...]

35 Websites to Send Text Message Online for Free

Having problems to send text message online to your loved ones or company empolyes. Here is a solution, no matter where you are in the world – isn’t it amazing, Here is the list of website that allows you to send your SMS text msgs for free from the web . Some sites require you to sign up, some have limitations on how many text messages you can … [Read more...]