30 Best Status Updates – Facebook & WhatsApp

Hello Reader today we come with this post here we are sharing 30 Best Status Updates - Facebook & WhatsApp. We are not saying that below status updates are the best in the world, but it could be the right thing for you. Which you can post on your Facebook and WhatsApp. We are posted this and saying these are best because may be you are feeling … [Read more...]

How to Type Bold, Italic and Strikethrough on WhatsApp

Before a few days ago WhatsApp comes with a new feature. After this update, you can Type Bold, Italic and Strikethrough on WhatsApp reply to your friends. Only If you have updated to the latest WhatsApp version then you will able to type Bold, Italic and Strikethrough. Typing Rich text in your WhatsApp is absolutely A Piece of Cake. So lets talk … [Read more...]

WhatsApp Gets Legal Notice by an Indian Advocate

As we know now a days an app in in almost every multimedia phone which name is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is being biggest messaging app and lots of people loved to use this in and have millions users in India. WhatsApp gets legal notice from an Indian lawyer. The Lawyer who practices in city courts in Delhi named … [Read more...]

How To Hide WhatsApp Images, Videos and Audios From Android Gallery

Peoples (Like Friends or Family Members) take your mobile and look about your Gallery? and in galley your whats app images and videos also viewed by them. So If you are think about Your Privacy? Do You want to Hide Private Data In Your Android Device? Yes,then Read this article. … [Read more...]

Change Your Friend’s Profile Picture On Whatsapp

As we all know WhatsApp becoming more popular day by day as compare of any other chat messenger. Many WhatsApp tricks coming day by day which is not officially sharing by WhatsApp but after that these are working fine with whatsapp. Earlier we posted How To Hide WhatsApp Images, Videos and Audios From Android Gallery, Now we are sharing another … [Read more...]