Airtel Free Whatsapp Daily! Without Data Charges

Airtel Free Whatsapp Daily! Without Data Charges - Airtel is the one of the biggest telecommunication company in India. Airtel introduced One Touch Internet some days ago. With one touch internet airtel is offering free access to Facebook, twitter, YouTube and whatsapp for airtel prepaid subscribers. In this post i will show you how to use free … [Read more...]

Uninstall WhatsApp Plus or Get Ready for the Ban!

Uninstall WhatsApp Plus or Get Ready for the Ban - The famous Android messaging client, WhatsApp is getting serious over its Clone app i.e. WhatsApp Plus, which is becoming equally. famous these days among the users. The Facebook owned WhatsApp is believed to ban users who are found guilty on the basis of “Violation of Terms of Service” agreement. … [Read more...]

Methods to use Multiple Whatsapp Account in single Android Phone

What if you could use multiple Whatsapp account on a single smartphone ? Wouldn’t it be a great experience operating different accounts on a smartphone? This Whatsapp trick described in this post will help you know how to use multiple whatsapp account on Android.There are basically two methods to do so, the first one … [Read more...]

Chat in Whatsapp From Pc (WhatsApp’s New Feature)

Now a days What's App is become most popular Social networking app. From some time Whats App is banning people for using third party apps like WhatsApp+. So i'll recommanded to use whatsapp original app which you can download from whatsapp official website. before few days  I introduced about Whatsapp new feature for Chat in Whatsapp From Pc. … [Read more...]

5 Cool Whatsapp Tips & Tricks For 2015

Hello Guys, Hope every one fine and enjoying our Blog posts. Today we are going to share with you 5 tips to use whatsapp Wisely. Because you know this day whatsapp is very popular social app and every one prefer This. So we are thinking to share some tips who is very useful to all whatsapp users. Some of the tip you know but some of you do't know … [Read more...]