Evolution Of Facebook Cover Technology

In all areas of technology things evolve, things change and adapt to changing attitudes as well as beliefs. Technology internal and external to Facebook is no different – and whilst the simple Facebook cover may seem at first rather stagnant when reading this article I think that you’ll see that things have changed over time.

1. Using Your Photos on your Cover
When there  is a gap there is a tendency and even a desire to fill it, as such when Facebook first launched the Facebook Cover alongside the timeline people filled it with what they had at hand – their stock of photos from their albums.

Even now, many people still elect to use Facebook covers on their timelines.

2. Designing Covers Specifically for Facebook
Those creatively ‘right brained’ ventured into hours of labour in search of the perfect Facebook cover. Some of the better Facebook cover designs have been widely spread on the internet – and example you can find here:

3. Make Use of Cover Photo Templates
Given that people seemed to have a desire and even a preference to use photos on their Facebook covers some developers innovated and created templates with which individuals can enhance their existing cover photos. Essentially, people select from their photos that they’ve uploaded onto Facebook and the web-software fits the photos into a selected template.

4. Downloaded Facebook Covers
Those of you that fondly remember MSN Messenger and AIM will remember the vast array of websites that distributed display pictures as well as MSN Emoticons.

Based on that trend a large assortment of websites has developed around the notion that people want to download Facebook covers from the internet rather than use some fancy tool, their photos or design an image on their own using an image editor.

5. Facebook Cover Generator Applications
Of late, the Facebook cover scene is starting to see a whole new breed of applications emerging that encourage the generation of Facebook covers through the use of the tool such that the end user has a creative input rather than just a selection input.

An example of this is the online app Make a Cover for Facebook the crux of this app is characters that you are instructed to select and customize in order to build a Facebook cover.Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. © MyTricksTime.com
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