Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Making Web Surfing Easier

Google Chrome is very good and Fast Web Browser.It is generally use up by large number of peoples for surfing the Web.Seeing that we thought why not make our web Experience smarter and easier on Google Chrome by using keyboard shortcuts.We collected some of the mostly use keyboard shortcut’s which will make your Web Surfing easier through Google chrome.Below are some of Keyboard Shortcut’s for Google chrome web Browser.

Key Board Shortcut’s

Ctrl+G — > Finds the next instance of your search term (Ctrl+F!) Ctrl+Shift+G finds the previous instance

Ctrl+U –> View the source of your current page

Ctrl+R –> The same as F5 (might be faster for some people to type)

Ctrl+1(2, 3, 4, etc) –> Switch to the tab designated by the number (from the left)

Ctrl+Shift+T –> Re-open the most recently closed tab

Alt+F or Alt+E –> Open the Wrench (Tools) menu (you can then use the arrow keys to navigate it…)

Ctrl+Shift+B –> Toggles the Bookmarks Bar on and off

Ctrl+D –> Bookmark your current Web page

Ctrl+Shift+D –> Bookmarks all of your open Web pages in one folder

Ctrl+J –> Opens the Downloads tab

Shift+Esc –> Opens the ‘Task Manager’, which you can use to close errant tabs/processes

Ctrl+Shift+J –> Opens the Chrome Developer Tools (which are surprisingly good!)

Ctrl+L –> Selects your current page’s URL (and puts the cursor in the address bar)

Ctrl+Backspace –> Deletes one word/phrase to the left of your cursor in the address bar

If we had forgotten any point than do tell us by commenting below.Enjoy Guys! ©

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