Google Penguin Update

From Google’s perspective, is the future of link building doomed forever? Who is responsible for such a calamitous situation? Have people been churning out irrelevant articles just for the sake of adding links and uploading them. With no dearth of directories and not many restrictions for submitting articles there have been article factories that were thriving with sheer numbers that never did make much sense. It is what Google terms “unnatural links” and all links that seemed shady were dropped unceremoniously, and this has had an adverse effect on businesses that were enjoying good revenues are suddenly faced with poor rankings and vanishing revenues.

There were several business that were resorting to underhand methods or what is termed as black hat techniques such as spinning an article many times over, purchasing links, etc. The businesses and site owners either did not realize or simply did not care how this unhealthy practice was affecting Google’s endeavor to ensure that the people searching for something do not go on wild goose chases. Why would they care anyway? As long as the revenues were pouring in and the business was doing well, it was a small price that they were paying that mattered to them most. Things have changed after Penguin came into the picture.
The role of SEO is at peril, and the future uncertain. There is no denying the fact that SEO plays a vital role in linking businesses and site owners to searchers and help them find the best possible results in the least possible time. However, linking through link building has now taken a bad hit and it’s the SEO fraternity that is to blame and not Google or the unsuspecting public. One of the reasons they could get away with it all this time could be that webmasters are not all too familiar with the tactics deployed by SEO. Google does have its own set of guidelines that it has specified for the webmasters, however how clear these guidelines are and how well they are interpreted by the webmasters is not known.
The only way out for the small businesses and site owners is to pull up their acts and start implementing what is called White Hat SEO or ethical practices that are acceptable to Google and will lead the people to what they are actually looking for without having to search around in vain. For this, the small businesses and site owners have to be in the know about Google’s algorithms and the frequent changes they are subject to.
One other area they need to focus on is to refrain from opting for paid links, however tempting and remunerative they can be. People need to religiously avoid listings on paid directories that cannot boast of excellent quality and are out to only make money from every opportunity that comes their way. Low quality links should also be avoided. The meaning of low quality link is when a link is found at an irrelevant place in an article having no connection whatsoever. It is simply placed there to serve the purpose of creating a link to a specific site, and is not remotely connected to the content. If all this is diligently followed, you could say that there is hope yet for link building.
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