Google+ Video Calling: How To Set Up a Video Call?

Google Plus video chatGoogle Plus is the name you hear everywhere today. Google+ uses all major services of Google thus making it the most complete social networking site ever. It gives you an option of both Chat and Video Chat. Amazingly you can not just have to worry about your privacy issues as you did on Facebook but now you can even talk to your friends face to face by making a video call straight from your own Google+ account! This is the plus point of Google+ over Facebook. Google developers have used the same Gmail video chat algorithm to provide you with an option of both chat and video calling. Having a webcam is not a must because you can still see your friends cam with highly quality audio and video. There are however some setup guide and installation steps that you must take to successfully make and receive video calls. Lets jump straight at the tutorial.

Note: Voice and video in G+ only works with the newer version of browsers i.e. FF 2.0+, IE 6.0+, Safari 3.0+, and Google Chrome

How To Install & Enable Google+ Video Calls?

Follow these easy steps
  1. Go To Google+ Video Chat Plugin  and download the plugin. It takes 2-5 seconds to install it.
Google+ video chat     2.   Congratulation you have successfully set up a Video Calling plugin for your Google+
Now you will need to learn how to make a video call on Google Plus. For that kindly read the post below:
   Make and Receive Video Calls on Google+
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