How Can You Turn Off Live Tiles In Windows 8

Windows 8 has come up with a whole lot of innovations. The very Startup screen of this Windows version has several new features one of which is the live tiles. Once you start your PC installed with Windows 8, you will get to see the live tiles on the screen.
The live tiles collect updates from the web and showcase them on your screen. For instance, the email live tile enables you to get preview of your E-mails and the social networking tile enables you to check the latest updates from your friends. Hence, Windows 8 you get a dynamic startup screen. No need of opening up the apps. You can receive the updates like that. Furthermore, since the update is received from the internet, a little amount of data is being used.

Are you irritated with the live tiles? Don’t you want them to be on your screen? You are free to disable them. Yes, you can disable them yourself and stop receiving the up-to-date information from the web. In other words, from a dynamic desktop you can have a static Windows 8 desktop.

Disabling Windows 8 live tiles is pretty easy! Want to try them? Here are the instructions of doing so.

Instructions to Turn Off Windows 8 Live Tiles :

  • Start up Windows 8 and as soon as the screen displays, visit the application for which you don’t want to receive any updates.
  • Right click that app and a menu will be displayed with multiple options.
  • Choose “turn live tiles off” from the above menu. Thus, you disable the update of that app. You can also disable numerous live tiles of multitude of apps in the like way.
You have to repeat these three steps in case you desire to turn the live tiles on once again. Change the settings and limit live tiles data usage. Stay tuned for an extraordinary Windows 8 experience!

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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