How Do You Switch Between Personal and Brand Pages?

You may have heard the news… Google Plus now offers businesses a chance to get in on the action with “Brand” pages. I was among the first to try out this new feature by going
to — I created the MyTricksTime page.  It immediately said that I was now signed in and using Google Plus as that page:

I pressed OK, did a few things, and then signed out. When I returned, I came back in as my normal Goole Plus account.  But I was dumbfounded… How on earth was I to switch back to my brand page? The answer isn’t that obvious, as there is only one small place that you can switch between, and it isn’t where you’d think it would be. I had assumed it would be in settings, but it’s not.

It’s the Timeline…

You have to be in your home timeline, circled below, and then click on the really small arrow under your name.

When you switch, be aware that you will be commenting and using Google Plus as that page, so if you want your own identity back make sure to go back to the home timeline for that page, and switch back to “You.”
I’ll be writing more on my impressions of the new addtion to Gplus soon, but if you were pulling your hair out like my trying to find out how to manage the page you just created, I hope this helped!
Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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