How To Add a Sitemap to Your Blog

A Sitemap is a beautiful and special effect for the blog. It is a   easy way for navigating the labels of your blog with a “New” feature. It shows the new posts and shows the “New” at the end of the post. 

Now your are going to see how to create a beautiful Sitemap in an easy way using JavaScript

  1. How to add a Sitemap to the blog?
  2. Go to Dashboard
  3. Click on Pages>>Create a New page.
  4. Name it or may not also.
  5. Copy the code shown below.
  6. </script><script src=”/feeds/posts/summary?alt=json-in-script&amp; max-results=500&amp;callback=loadtoc” type=”text/javascript”></script>
  7. Click on Html section of the page and paste the code in it.
  8. Preview the page and then save the page.

U R Done…!!!

Note:U can change the no. of the results in the script.

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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