How To Create and Track Google Analytics Campaigns

Create and Track Google Analytics Campaigns
How To Create and Track Google Analytics Campaigns

Google Analytics is no doubt the No.1 Website Analytics service. It provides enterprise class services to its users at free of cost. Later in 2005, Google bought the Urchin Tracking Service and re-labeled it as Google Analytics. Nowadays, there is no website who doesn’t use the Google Analytics. 
Google Analytics does not just give you the analytics data of your site, but it gives you a thorough report of your site, which no other tracking service offers now. Being a Google Product, it has so many advanced features which lets you see the deeply insight data of your site. However, some users do not take advantage of such features and use it only to track the amount of visitors.

One of the feature provided in Google Analytics is, CampaignsUTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tagging allows you to track the source of the links and provides data accordingly. By suffixing your site URLs with UTM tags, you can track the usage of that specific link with Google Analytics. The normal URL of any webpage would look like this

This way, the site owner can know the referral of the link if he has already added these parameters in the URL.

Creating the UTM Tags is easy and you don’t want to be a geek to get it done. All you need to have is the basic knowledge of URLs. Thereafter, Go to It is an online service which allows you to easily create the Google Analytics UTM tags. Additionally, It provides shortlinks of the URLwith the parameter added. Follow these instructions on the website in order to create the URL.

On the homepage of the UTM. To, you will find few fields. In the first field, fill in the URL of the webpage of which you want to be tagged with UTM tags. Then, in the Source field, enter the source of the site, e.g., MyBlogName, etc. Then, add the medium of the link, e.g., postlink or banner. You can enter anything here, as it doesn’t affect the process. After filling out all the fields, just press the Generate button. Voila ! You have now come up with a UTM tagged URL and you can grab the shortlink for that, too. 

This is a free of cost service provided by the UTM to website and it really helps the webmasters totrack their site usage and to get the most insight data of the site.You can also check out Top 5 Free Web Traffic Analytics Tools and Services
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