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How To Create Facebook Page For Business / Blogger / Blogs | MTT


acebook is a best social media networking site. Have you business, company, blogger, blogs or any website? So create your own facbook page for your business, company, blogger, blogs and website. you can increase your traffic to your business, blogs by creating facebook page for your business or for blogs and there are so many advantages by create facebook page for your business or blogsFacebook is the second largest world among all planets and no. 1 in the world of internet so if you have any type of business or website or any blogs then I recommend that you must have a facebook page related to your business or blogs. So lets we talk about what is the advantage to create facebook page for business or blogs:

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  • Drive traffic from facebook to your blogs
  • You will get your fans correspond to your pages
  • If you update anything in your facebook page then it will be in the status update of your all fans.(suppose you have 1K fans and you share your blog link it will be placed in front of 1K person so higher possibility for visit to your blog.
  • You can message to all your fans by just one click
  • Surely it will give you some professional work for your blog
  • (new feature) you can use your facebook as your facebook page( suppose you comment on any friends status then it show this comment by YOUR NAME but now instead of YOUR NAME you can use your FACEBOOK PAGE NAME so higher possibility to click on your FACEBOOK PAGE NAME and then to your blog.
  • Get visibility in major search engines.(for some keywords google shows my blog through our facebook page. See the preview:

Now let’s come to the main point;

How To Add Facebook Page For Business / Blogger / Blogs | MTT

Log into Facebook and then click here on Create a Page on Facebook . Then you will see some option for your facebook pages so choose for which you want to create your facebook page. If you want to create facbook page for blogs or website then choose Brand or Product now you will see as below preview,

choose website option and write your Blog Title below the option and tick facebook pages term and click on Get Started.
Now your page have been created on Facebook. You will see Get Started tab in your facebook page but it will show only for you and if any other visitors comes to your facebook page then they will see your wall by default. In the Get Started page you will see some instruction as 1,2,3, .. so as you complete your this started tab automatically remove ok forget about it. Firstky click on Edit Page(see right top side), see below preview

Click on Basic Information now choose again Websites & blogs in category and in the subcategory choose which is suitable to your blog and fill all the field properly as description and about your blog and don’t forget to write your blog URL under website option and then Save Changes.
Now click on Profile Picture and upload your blog picture. Now Click on View Page (see right top side). Now you can Invite your friends and Post Status Updates by first going to click on wall(see left panel) and write and post.
Now what will be the next for Import your blogs to facbook page through facebook notes

You done!

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. © MyTricksTime.com

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