How to download facebook videos?

download facebook videos

Facebook has made Video sharing available for its users since 2007. But they never allow their users to download videos in a single click. which can be done by using few simple browser tricks. Which uses cache function to save videos to your computer.
When ever  you view a video on Facebook ,
it will be cached in temporary memory of your browser. Which can be saved to your computer directly using some simple tricks of light softwares.
here are the real tips to download facebook videos …

How to download Facebook Videos from Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the number one internet browser on the world. So most of you might be using Mozilla on your systems, So here is the trick for you download videos for Facebook on Mozilla.
Youtube video downloader

  1. Download Video Download Helper from the Firefox add-on page.
  2. Install the add on for your Firefox.
  3. Close your browser after installing and re open firefox.
  4. Go to Facebook and play video which you like to download.
  5. Click on the Red U arrow mark as show in the image below.

download facebook video button

How to download Facebook Videos on Chrome

  1. The same cache extraction trick will be used on chrome to save the Facebook video to your PC.
  2. But here we use another third party software to read the cache files and to save them from chrome to PC.
  3. Download Chrome Cache View software for your PC.
  4. Install it to your windows OS.
  5. Open the Facebook video you like to download on chrome browser.
  6. Play the video and open the Cache Viewer you just installed to your PC.
  7. You can find the video file cache there. Select it and save it from the menu of the software as in figure below.

chrome cache viewer

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