How to Email Large File with your MaiL Account

We all know that there are limits in sending large files using popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc These limits are real problem to users when the want email big files. In gmail you can send and receive messages up to 25 megabytes (MB) in size.Yahoo mail (ymail) also stand on this limit. Beyond this file size you should try free file sharing sites to overcome this problem.

In this kind of situations we can use websites like to attach large files, upto 100MB in an Email for free. you can register for free. The only limitation to this service is that the file that has sent should be downloaded within 5 days. will give you the following details of the attatched file:
  • Who downloaded the emailed files
  • Sent date
  • Sent to whom (if you send it to a group, who are they)etc
 Another advantage of using this is you can simply share the files to others. These services are also available in iphone 4 also. For this you want to download transfer big files application from itunes appstore.

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