How to Make Strong Password to be Secure from Hackers – Security Tips-Keep Safe with Strong Passwords

Keep Safe with Strong Passwords:
There are real consequences to not having a strong password. If someone steals your password, they may find a way to access your e-mail or IM messages, your bank accounts, your research, your contact lists and whatever else you have on your computer. Your files may be altered or destroyed. Sometimes hackers even take over a computer and turn it into a zombie, using it to perform malicious tasks such as sending out large amounts of spam.
Because they use regular numbers in the passwords which can be guess easily like cell phone number, college batch number, or they use one passwords on multiple
communication then their friends or family members. Like if you use mobile number your friend can try it for making fun of you if successes then it’s worried for you.

So always be serious about your passwords and follow my some suggestion

Internet security is based on a “weakest link” principle, and passwords are often the only thing standing between a hacker and access to your computer or the campus network. If your password is weak, you make it easier for someone to break in. Hackers make their livelihood by automating ways to continually search out the weakest link to gain access to a network or computer. Don’t let your password be the weak link!

A Good Password Strength also give you also good sense to secure every thing in your life security and little privacy has a lot of importance. if your passwords are secure you can rest anywhere otherwise you might be worry about your passwords.

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In My Past tutorial i had posted about a great thing and tool a tool which will send your passwords to any email or users you choose after when you die it is such a stupid tool but great tool you can check it here..
Some Important What NOT TO INCLUDE  in a Good password

  • Names : Your Name or Close Friend’s name or any family member name or Nick name Favorite Place or Animal Names etc.
  • Name of your computer your host name or ip address or operating system name.
  • your Date of birth
  • Any public information that can be easily obtained from your or and nearest person.
  • Any simple letters or words like (12345) (abcdef)
  • College roll number or identity number
  • What should A Good Password must have.
  • A Good Password Contain numbers and words both characters
  • both upper and lower case letters
  • A easy to remember password for your and very difficult to guess for others use another techniques like password generators tools
  • Make password long up to 10 letter so when you type no one can read it easily
  • at least 8 characters and quickly type from keyboard
  • These all are tips to make strong password

Tip 1 >>

Do not use your Common usage number in password fields that’s can be Guess.
This is the most important note for you never use your common usage numbers in the passwords fields like your college roll number your home or Mobile Number or National identity card number or bank or house number many of peoples use the and get hacked from their

Tip 2 >>

Never Generate Passwords with Auto Pass Generators
Some times when you go for making new account on any community there is some option generate secure passwords mostly web master get hacked because of this because brute force attack can break it or can guess it easily.

Tip 3 >>

Use Strong & Hard Alphabets
Use tough alphabets and words for creating a strong passwords regularly try to use number + words password if you make yourname + yourmobilenumber then it can be guess or if you make SD$% + Mobilenumber it couldn’t be guess so always use a strong password.

Tip 4 >>

If someone choose password for you change it quickly
Sometime new peoples don’t know how to make accounts like on Facebook or Twitter accounts so they ask for help to someone create a new account for his/her so whenever someone make account for you. You should login and then quickly change the password so you can be easy and feel save account.

Tip 5 >>

Never use one password for a long times.
If you use your password for a long time it can be dangerous keep up to date your password change password almost every three month. Some of communities automatically make expire passwords after 72 days or 3 Month so if you update it regularly then no worries about your passwords I save.

Tip 6 >>

Never use one password to multiple communities.
Never use your one password to multiple communication like if you will use same password to multiple communities easy to get your password. For example your twitter and Facebook passwords should be different to each other. Password could be little same but must be little different so that if you Facebook get hacked so twitter should be safe.

Tip 7 >>

Never Enter Your password in front of any people
Now in these days every peoples keep flash their eyes to other Keyboards so they can know the passwords so be aware and be serious in this situation even never trust anyone and enter password with encryption. your password should be can enter quickly.

Tip 8 >>

Use your own Alternate Email Address
If you created new email account or new user account never add your friend’s alternate mail create your own extra email account and use it for every alternative options or works.

Tip 9 >>

Make Recovery option hard Like Security Questions & Mobile Number
Always use tough Security questions mostly users are getting hacked because of this case security questions can be bypass easily so make sure your questions are tough and mobile number is verified for example: you live in new York and you choose security option your birth place your friends can be guess easily where you was born and can get the passwords easily.

Tip10 >>

Try to use 2 step verification system or 2 step authenticator for login.
This is most powerful security system for every account like Google allow 2 step verification system dropbox allow 2 step verification system facebook allow 2 step verification system you can try this out.
2 step verification add an extra layer after adding the passwords that is mobile approval code without getting an approval code on mobile no one can be login. Read more about 2 step verification here : How to setup 2 Step Google Authenticator system
hope u guys enjoyed it…be secure from hackerss!!!!

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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