How to Open and Edit NTH Files

Nokia mobile phone user are very familiar with the file type with extension .nth.NTH file is a unique file type based on the Nokia series 40 OS. The letters NTH stand for Nokia theme. The theme files for Nokia mobile phones in the S-40 range are usually available to download in .nth format. 

This file is actually a renamed zip file consist of images used in the theme (png, jpeg, gif etc) , a theme_descriptor.xml file, and othr media file like mp3 etc. The theme_descriptor.xml contains the code required to render the media files inside the NTH file. 

Opened nissan-nth-23461.nth

To open a NTH file, you can use the popular file extractor tool like winrar, so you can view the files which are used to built the theme. The above screenshot gives you an idea of about how  it looks when you open up a NTH file using winrar. Note that you cant edit the theme file just by opening it.

When it comes to editing nokia themes (S40) you defenetly need a theme editor software. Here, the job will be done by Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio. The tral version of this tool is available for free download. It equips with huge range of customization tools and it’s easy to create themes and preview it.

 To edit a theme file, just open the file by file > open in the tool. The theme will be readily opened up with the current settings. You can change the way it looks when you install the theme on your mobile using the theme editor tabs. The changes can see on the preview instantly, right side of the editor window. How ever the user interface of this tool is not great.

Note: It’s important to note that the Nokia Series 60 (S-60) Os doesn’nt uses NTH file and you wont be able to install them on your phone.
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