Most times, when you delete files from your computer system, you can recover them by simply opening your recycle bin and then restore back using the restore option. Reverse is the case when you delete files permanently, you can never find them in your computer again because you can’t undo the action. A good example is when you use the SHIFT+DELETE command to get rid of a file, your computer gives a warning, “Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?” once you hit the enter key, your file gets lost for life, and the funny thing is that you cannot recover it from the recycle bin. Sometimes, the action may not be intentional and you start to blame yourself or regret your actions.
Well, I want to assure you that there is still hope at this point if the space where the deleted file was has not been re-occupied, what I mean is if you have not stored a new file in that location. There is a software that can help you recover your file, the name of the software is “kissass Undelete” and I’ll suggest you download it at and keep in your system or install it as soon as you finish your download. TO RECOVER YOUR PERMANENTLY DELETED FILE(s) using Kickass Un delete, follow the steps below: 

1. Install the kickass software after download 

2. Launch the software open 

3. Select the drive from which the file was deleted from the left panel of the windows and click the scan button. The scan can take as long as 10 seconds or more.

4. When the file search has been completed, the search results will be displayed with the name, type, size and the last modified date of the searched file

5. You can now select the file to be recovered. Note that the kickass undelete software is an open source application and is available for all windows operating system. (Windows XP, vista and windows 7) Now 

you can recover your permanently deleted files because I decided to share this info with you, it’ll be ideal for you to share it with someone too. Who knows, they might be in need of it too. To share this information, just use any of the sharing tools below. I’ll be posting many more info, tips and tricks, so, ensure you constantly check back. If you have questions or comments, use the comment box below. Widget on

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