Scan airtel digital tvHi Guys ! Today we will know how we can scan all channels available on Airtel digital Tv using ADTV Set top box. Using this method we can know , Which new channels are on testing mode .
You don’t need any FTA set top box to scan transponders, you can scan all channels by using your own ADTV STB(Set Top Box) . Just follow these simple steps ..
Open menu
System setup
Free to air channels
Find channels
Satellite: Choose any(Insat 4A ,4B or other)
Search mode: FTA+CAS
Transponder: USER
Modulation type: DVB-S2-QPSK 
Polarization : VERTICAL
Symbol rate:28800
FEC: 2/3(or any)
Fill these details and press blue button for search the channels , you will see list on all channels available on this transponder.

You can follow same steps to scan  all other transponders of airtel digital tv.

Follow the same procedure , only change the given detail ,other fills will remain same.
frequency: 11561
polarization : horizontal and vertical (check both)
symbol rate: 28800

frequency: 11483 
polarization : horizontal
symbol rate: 25600

frequency: 11521
polarization :horizontal and vertical(check both)
symbol rate: 28800
frequency: 11680 
polarization : vertical 
symbol rate: 28800
frequency: 11600 
polarization : horizontal and vertical (check both)
symbol rate: 28800

Every time select User as a transponder and FTA+CAS as a search mode. Save all channels and you can view these channel after channel no. 700 .If it is working for you don’t forget to comment.

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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