How to speed up Samsung Galaxy Ace android phone

Using galaxy ace android phone is a pleasure to all because of its lovable user interface and smoothness. But when your galaxy is flooded with apps, high end games , things become laggy. The fact is that many apps left a background process for its working. This consumes a fair amount of RAM. Here’s some tips that i often use to save RAM usage thereby speeding up the device.  These tips are applicable to almost all android phones other than galaxy ace. 

  • Uninstall unwanted applications from your galaxy ace. Many of us install apps from market to test it out but always forget to uninstall unwanted apps. Not all apps run background processes but you can identify them by checking out running applications. It can be accessed from Settings > Applications > Running services. It shows the running process so you can identify apps which are useless running background tasks to consume RAM. 

  • Use Advanced Task Killer to kill unwanted process. Goto android market and search for an android application named  Advanced Task Killer and download it to your phoneThis application let you find all tasks running on your android and kill them by selecting each one or kills all. I use this app whenever i feel the phone lags.

  • Get the latest version of android 2.3.4 for ace. The official gingerbread update is available for galaxy ace. Install kies on your pc and upgrade your phone. Read how to upgrade your galaxy ace to gingerbread using Kies. This update include fix to some bugs that were present in the factory version of android froyo. Also it speeds up the games. 

  • Avoid using heavy Live wallpapers. I too a fan of live wallpapers, but sadly this is one of the causes of your phone to slow down. 
Try these tips to speed up you Samsung galaxy ace. If you have other tricks, please share them under comments section.
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