Insert a Download Button in Blog Posts to Open Links in Popup Window

A download button is used whenever we want to hide a link from the users. It can be a link to any website or link to any file that you want to hide. It also makes a Download link prominent so a reader doesn’t have to find the actual download link in a lengthy blog posts.

It’s a simple HTML “type” tag that creates this clickable button to open the embedded link in a pop up window.
So if you want to put a button in your blog or in your blog posts all you need to do is to insert the code below wherever you want to show a button.

<input value="TEXT on the button" onclick="'http://URL-ADDRESS-HERE','ANY-UNIQUE-NAME',' width=750,height=550menubartoolbarscrollbars')" type="button">

– Change the text in red to the text you want to show on the button.
– Blue is the URL address you want to open after the click of the button.
– Green is any unique id you can give to that button. (giving this id is important, otherwise link will open in a new browser windows instead in a pop-up window.)
– Yellow are the width and height of the popup window that opens after button’s click.
– In pink colors are the optional attributes you can give to the popup window.
Removing the menubar, toolbar or scrollrs will remove these bars from the popup window.

Opens in pop-up with no (optional) attributes.
Opens in pop-up with only ‘menubar’ attribute included.
Opens in pop-up with only ‘toolbar’ attribute included.
Opens in pop-up with only ‘scrollbars’ attribute included.
Opens in pop-up with all attributes included.

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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