IPhone 5 VS IPhone 4: Comparison

Progress is always developing. Old models are displaced by new technologies. New models are improved, they have new possibilities. Comparing iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 we will better understand development of progress.

Advantages Of IPhone 5 In Comparison With IPhone 4:

1. The iPhone 5 is more comfortable in using. It is thinner than iPhone 4(9.3 mm VS 7.6mm). You even don’t feel it in your pocket.
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2. Both of them have Retina displays. But display’s surface is better. Color saturation has increased to 40%.

3. The iPhone 5 is longer than his predecessor. More space for photos, videos, apps, and websites.

4. This new model is vastly lighter versus iPhone 4(137g). His weight is 112 g.

5. The iPhone 5 work faster. The iPhone 4 has A4 chip, which performs four times slower in compare with A6. In speed new iPhone has cracked a record to the smartphone.

6. The iPhone 5 doubles 512 MB of random-access memory (RAM) in iPhone 4. New model’s RAM is 1 GB.

7. The iPhone 4 offers only one variant of flash memory-8 GB. The iPhone 5 give you possibility to choose flash memory, which you need- 16/32/64 GB.

8. New model has 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution). LTE download speed ranges from 8Mbps to 40Mbps. The iPhone 4 has only 3G speeds.

9. Battery life of iPhone 4 is 7 hours. With iPhone 5 you can talk an hour more. It is really achievement, because of LTE.

10. The camera in iPhone 5 is fine and spiky. Your video and photos (720p video to 1080p video), video calls will be more qualitative, because of improvement of the front-facing (Face Time) camera (from VGA to 1.2 MP front).

Progress will never stand. During the time, people’s demands change and, as a result, new models become old. Today the iPhone 5 is significantly more perfect and improved in comparison with iPhone 4. Tomorrow iPhone 5 will be less advanced because of appearing iPhone 6.

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