List of Google Chrome Useful URLs

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There are useful google chrome urls for managing and monitoring chrome extensions, downloads, history, memory, dns, chrome plugins, settings, chrome version, bookmarks etc. You can get all Google Chrome browser URL by using this link chrome://chrome-urls/ in your Chrome browser.  These url works only inGoogle Chrome Web Browser.
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List of Google Chrome Useful URLs

3. chrome://bookmarks
It is used to store URL of any website into your Google chrome web browser. In this you can add new URL, remove URL, organize URL, find previously stored URL.
4. chrome://cache
It is small utility URL to get details of last opened website in chrome. It is for temporary storage of web documents.
5. chrome://chrome-urls
See list of all URLs of google chrome.
For finding details about any chrome crashes which happened due to some error.
7. chrome://credits
It gives information about all licenses and copyrights.
8. chrome://dns
It gives details of last opened websites. Show internal links and connections of websites.
9. chrome://downloads
It shows downloads from chrome web browser. Checks download status, search any download etc.
10. chrome://extensions
You can add extensions to your web browser. Search and browse from Chrome webstore. It helps to make your web browser more efficient. You can also enable and disable extensions by using this link.
12. chrome://flash
It gives flash details.
It shows last opened website history. Shows details like browsing website date, time etc.. You can search about last opened websites. Also clear and remove previously browsing data.

It shows details about memory status of chrome browser. Shows summary and currently running processes in web browser. Also shows memory occupies by different processes.

20. chrome://view-http-cache
It shows websites cache link which in your web browser history.
21. chrome://newtab
This url is used to add new tab to web browser.
22. chrome://plugins
It shows all installed plugins to your chrome web browser. You can enable and disable a plugins using this url.
23. chrome://print
It provides print option.
It gives details about active sessions in your browser.
26. chrome://settings
It provides all options to change the setting of google chrome web browser. There are options like Basics, Personal Stuff, Under the Hood, Extensions. Every option have different properties to adjust settings of web browser In Basics option set startup page, home page, toolbar, search, set default browser etc. In Personal Stuff option we can adjust password properties, users etc.. In Under the Hood option we adjust privacy settings, proxy settings, download location etc.
It gives statistics about your chrome browser.

29. chrome://gpuhang
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