Men Vs Women on Facebook

Ever wonder if there are more men than women on Facebook?
Well the Facebook Statistics website Social Bakers has the answer, on a country by country basis.
Although not all countries have more women than men on Facebook, in the US, UK, and Canada Facebook has more women than men:
Although there is a 10% difference between men and women on Facebook, the total population divide is much closer to a 50/50 split:

In the UK the gender divide on Facebook is pretty close to 50/50:
In Canada there is an even greater percentage of women on Facebook than in the US:
The fine folks over at Hubspot put together an infographic with some of the other differences between men and women on Facebook.
Women describe themselves in greater detail and post more often, but both have about the same amount of friends.
For all of the stats check out the cool infographic from below:
When it comes to photos women beat out men, with many more photos, uploads, and views.

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