Methods to use Multiple Whatsapp Account in single Android Phone

What if you could use multiple Whatsapp account on a single smartphone ? Wouldn’t it be a great experience operating different accounts on a smartphone? This Whatsapp trick described in this post will help you know how to use multiple whatsapp account on Android.

There are basically two methods to do so, the first one requires rooting of your phone and the other one without rooting. Both the methods are quite easy and can be done easily without having much knowledge.
Here you will get both the tutorial on how to use multiple Whatsapp on Android.

Methods to use Multiple Whatsapp Account in single Android Phone :-

Method – 1 : Requires Rooting
If you are an android user then you may be aware of the rooting power and here also rooting will help you use multiple whatsapp account on android. This can be easily done with the help of an Android application named as Titanium Backup Root.
As it is about rooting so it’s better to take precautions and please try at your won risk, take a full backup of your data.
Follow the steps to know how to use Titanium to do this –
I.) Open Titanium Backup Root and then click on Switch Profile to create two different profiles.
II.) Now click on Create A New Data Profile and enter the name of your first user profile. Your First User Profile will act as administrator profile which will have all the data and controls.

III.) Now after you have created first user profiles now again click on Switch Profiles and create a second profile.
This second user profile will have the second whatsapp, if not already installed then install it from Google Play Store.

IV.) Now you have to click on Backup/Restore tab and browse for Whatsapp app.

V.) then click on Special Features and look for the Disable Multiple profile option for this app, you have to first disable and then ENABLE it again.

VI.) Now as you are working in Second profile , register here your second mobile number for the other Whatsapp account.

Method – 2 : Without Rooting
If you do not want to root your phone and make it more simpler and safer to do this then follow this method.
You will have to install an app called as OGWHATSAPP, this is unofficial whatsapp which works similar to original one and lets you use 2 accounts in single android device.
Follow these steps carefully now :-
I.) Open up the existing Whatsapp in your device and take a full backup of your conversations.
II.) Now navigate to Setting >> Applications >> All >> Select Whatsapp and clear all data.
III.) After you have cleared the data go to your SD card and rename the Whatsapp folder to OGWhatsApp.
IV.) Now uninstall the currently installed Whatsapp account from your device.
V.) Install OGWhatsapp app now by CLICKING HERE.
VI.) That is it, now OGWhatsapp will use your old phone number.
VII.) Now to use secondary whatsapp account go to Google Play Store and download the official whatsapp from there.
This was it, now you have got two whatsapp accounts on a single android device

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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