Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys – Keyboard and mouse shortcuts

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys - Keyboard and mouse shortcutsMicrosoft Excel Shortcut Keys – Keyboard and mouse shortcuts : Microsoft Excel is very important & powerful application of Microsoft office. Excel is a important software by the Microsoft after word and it has given more other software like Microsoft powerpoint Microsoft access.Out of this we use Microsoft Excel very much for Analysis, making report and manage records and list. Microsoft Excel has so many features so that users can use it very easily and friendly. So that to understand Microsoft Excel is very important and everyone can work on Microsoft Excel but mean thing is if you want to work very fast and easy then you have to understand some of the short codes of Excel that can make your work very fast and easy but most of the people do not know about this short codes of word. So that here we have given call list of very useful and need short codes in below article.

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Excel Mouse shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Double-click (on a cell) Edit the cell contents.
Double-click (on a row/column divider) Adjust height/width to auto-fit
High-light headers of multiple rows/columns then Double-click on a row/column divider Adjust height/width to auto-fit of all high-lighted rows/columns
Triple-click Select the entire contents in the cell
Click on row/column divider then drag Adjust height/width of the row/colunn
High-light headers of multiple rows/columns then Click on row/column divider then drag Adjust height/width of the rows/colunns
Ctrl + Mouse wheel Zooms in and out of document.
Hold Shift + Click the cells Select multiple cells

Microsoft Excel Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Description
F2 Edit the selected cell.
F5 Goto a specific cell. For example, C6.
F7 Spell check selected text and/or document.
F11 Create chart.
Ctrl + A Select all.
Ctrl + B Bold.
Ctrl + C Copy.
Ctrl + F Find (same as Shift + F5).
Ctrl + G Go To.
Ctrl + H Replace.
Ctrl + I Italic.
Ctrl + K Insert link.
Ctrl + N New Workbook.
Ctrl + O Open Workbook.
Ctrl + P Print dialog.
Ctrl + S Save.
Ctrl + U Underline.
Ctrl + V Paste.
Ctrl + Z Undo.
Ctrl + Y Redo.
Ctrl + X Cut.
Ctrl + 5 Strikethrough text.
Ctrl + F3 Define Name.
Ctrl + F4 Exit Excel.
Ctrl + F6 Switch between open workbooks.
Ctrl + F9 Minimize current window.
Ctrl + F10 Maximize current window.
Shift + F1 Activate Help on Item.
Shift + F2 Insert Comments
Shift + F3 Insert Function.
Ctrl + Shift + ; Enter the current time.
Ctrl + ; Enter the current date.
Ctrl + Page down Move to next worksheet.
Ctrl + Page up Move to previous worksheet.
Ctrl + Shift + # Number Format: Date
Ctrl + Shift + @ Number Format: Time.
Ctrl + Shift + ! Number Format: Commas.
Ctrl + Shift + $ Number Format: Currency
Ctrl + Shift + % Number Format: Percentage
Ctrl + Shift + ^ Number Format: Scientific.
Ctrl + Space Select entire column.
Shift + Space Select entire row.
Ctrl + (Arrow key) Move to next section.

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