Opera Mini Hidden Secret Config Setting

Opera mini is the No 1 web browser for Mobile phones. Almost everybody use Opera Mini as their Default web browser for their Phones. But many of you do not know how to access the “Secret settings” in Opera mini. This is like “God mode” in windows OS.
To get access to this Hidden configuration settings in your Opera mini. Enter the following keywords in the address bar of your Opera mini browser. (i.e. Where you enter all website URLs)
: “Opera:config” or “config:

A page will open after you key in these in the Opera mini address bar. which facilitate you to change the following settings.

*Large placeholders for images- yes/no
*Fit text to screen- yes/no
*Loading timeout- Time out in seconds
*Site patches- yes/no
*Show feed index- yes/no
*Phone number detection- Minimum phone number length
*Use bitmap fonts- yes/no
To know more about the keywords CLICK HERE . If you are using Opera mobile , you will get lot of options including these. CLICK HERE to check them.

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