How to Create an Online Bitcoin Wallet

Add captionThis article will show you how to get setup with a free online bitcoin wallet in just a few seconds.Steps 1If you're new to bitcoin read a quick introduction at My Wallet 3Click the "Start a new wallet" button in the top left. 4Enter a secure password. It is … [Read more...]


It feels almost as if it was yesterday when eight-year-old me was reading an illustrated book about how life would be like in 2010, when space colonies would abound and our newspapers would be digital screens that we would roll up and carry in our bags. Sadly, we’re still some way away from the space colonies, but with devices like the LG G Flex, … [Read more...]


Remember the Notion Ink Adam tablet? Well we wouldn’t blame you if you have no recollection of that fledgling late-2010 device, despite it packing in pretty bleeding-edge hardware at the time. It had a one-if-its-kind LCD plus e-Ink Pixel Qi display, a front-to-back rotatable camera and the latest Tegra 2 processor, not to forget its … [Read more...]

Mobile review: Nokia Lumia 520

The budget segment of smartphones is the most volatile and competitive in India. With so many options, an average consumer moving from a simple device to a smartphonec is often clueless.Nokia recently launched the Lumia 520 amidst Android's clunky and moderate performance smartphones.Nokia Lumia 520 is the immediate successor of last year's … [Read more...]

Realtime Online Visitor Counter Inside Browser For Any Website

Here is the Great Stat counter plugin & extension for browser which will show your online visitors it will count and show you in written form without do any thing no need to install widgets into blog or just need to install this extension inside your browser any brows it’s available for chrome and Firefox if you will install so it … [Read more...]