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Adding any thing under every post

Bloggers with less experience with some advance feature of HTML and Blogger will always end up adding 'Thank for reading this post' under every blog they post, but there is much easier way to add any thing, from normal text to good looking HTML elements below the post.In this tutorial you will get to learn about adding anything you want under each … [Read more...]

The Review of Nokia Kinetic:Future Phone

Nokia is a leading company as the manufacturer of Smartphones as well as mobile phones with superior quality and warranty. Trust is the major factor of the success for Nokia. Their products are such designed that they are prone to less internal as well as external damages. We know, Nokia has already started preparing future … [Read more...]

Why I Love Blogger | New Dynamic View Launched

The first good thing about Blogger it's free, it's easy to use, It's secure then any other service, and you no need to think about new ideas and gadgets. Google always work on them. After i started on blogger they released template designer, recent post gadget, popular post, and total visits gadget. After some days the awesome feature stats … [Read more...]

14 Best And Free Google Application for Android

Google is one of the best developer in every field of web apps and gadgets all over the world and we all know that what is Google and without Google what is life.Google also develop applications for Android,iphone,blackberry mobile and many other.Android and iphone have tough competition in race of Gadgets and … [Read more...]

Samsung galaxy S2 I9100 — Review

Hi Guys after our previous post on Book your Akash Tablet in Advance here we are with the Samsung galaxy S2 I9100 which  is a one of the best Android 2.3 Gingerbread devices with some premium features. It is much ahead of Samsung Galaxy in many way. Its 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and slim design are the key factors in … [Read more...]