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Airtel Free 3G Gprs Tricks For PC

Hello FriendsNow again i am here with a new latest Trick for MyTricksTime Fans...this tricks for Airtel GPRS which is work only on PC (computer and Laptops)..when you will check out this one you'll also get surprised from this trick. you'll get fastest internet speed as not you have before and u can check it is free.... :)wanna how to … [Read more...]

Free Internet Tricks and Tips Indosat November 2012

How to surf Internet Tricks and Tips Indosat Month for November 2012 - further information will discuss about how to trick the way freesurf Operator Indosat. The need for internet is already in the weir can … [Read more...]

Airtel Free 3G GPRS Trick By

Hello friends!here is the settings which i am using to browse internet freely... i see there are many threds providing you settings for the free gprs...but most of them not work at all, many of them are incorrect also.I realise that this happens as most of users dont know how to put the setting correctly...thats y i am explaining what to do n how … [Read more...]

Unlimited Download from Rapidshare, Megaupload, – Notepad tricks

Here is a simple notepad tricks to download unlimited from Rapidshare, Megaupload file sharing websites.Do read – 10+ Trick for unlimited Downloads from Megaupload and RapidshareCopy the code given below in notepad :[email protected] offecho ipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /flushdnsecho ipconfig /releaseipconfig /releaseecho ipconfig … [Read more...]

How to Make Strong Password to be Secure from Hackers – Security Tips-Keep Safe with Strong Passwords

Keep Safe with Strong Passwords:There are real consequences to not having a strong password. If someone steals your password, they may find a way to access your e-mail or IM messages, your bank accounts, your research, your contact lists and whatever else you have on your computer. Your files may be altered or destroyed. Sometimes hackers even take … [Read more...]