Super Hide the files Using Command Prompt

Super Hide the files Using Command Prompt - MyTricksTimeEveryone have some personal data which he/she don’t want to share with any one. We can make file hidden via file properties. But it is not really safe when you really want to hide something because every one know how they can see hidden file just enable single option in folder options. Today we are sharing details which help your to Super Hide the files Using Command Prompt. It is easy and not much peoples are aware about it. 

Super Hide the files Using Command Prompt

If you know little bit about DOS/ command in windows, then May be you are aware about a command name “attrib”. If you are not your most welcome to learn this trick here.This trick will help your to hide files like movies, images, audio files and many others.

“attrib” command is to show the attributes of the file. You can easily know that what is file/folder attribute. Is it read only, hidden, system file or anything else, you can know many more details like this. This command also help your to change attribute of particular file or folder. Lets checkout in full details of this “Super Hide the files Using Command Prompt” Trick.

You need to check the directory where your content is saved. Let say I’ve a folder name “MyTricksTime” in C:/ drive. then i’ll type in command/DOS.

How to hide File/Folder – Super Hide the files Using Command Prompt

  • “attrib MyTricksTime” +s +h +a” command to make file/folder super hidden.


This command will completely hide your file or folder an it will become invisible for everyone. below steps to know how you can Un-hide or access folder or files.

How to Un-hide File/Folder – Super Hide the files Using Command Prompt

Here is two method to access hidden file or folder using “Super hide the files using command prompt”

1st Method-
You can easily undo/reset the attributes of the hidden file/folder by the same command which you use first time, you just need to make little change. Just change “+” to “-” like below command
”attrib MyTricksTime -a -s -h”

2nd Method–
Traverse to the directory or location, where your folder/file is located. You can copy location by just click in the explorer address bar. here you only need to extend the address by “MyTricksTime” where “MyTricksTime” is the name of the folder. If it is a file, enter its name with its extension.

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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