3 Trick to Boot Or Start Computer Faster

Sometimes it's annoying that your computer or laptop takes too much time to start and after start also takes much time to start apps. So We thought we should write an article on this topic so today we come with information or you can say a Trick to Boot Or Start Computer Faster, Many computers take a lot of time to boot (or startup ). This is due … [Read more...]

Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP Shortcut Keys

Hello Guys, we are again come with Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP Shortcut Keys for you, from it's help you can do your work fast and save your time. so be smart and use shortcut keys while working on PC and be faster then others.In this post we provide list of some common shortcut keys in different versions Microsoft Windows. May be some … [Read more...]

Some Useful Run Commands

Some Useful Run Commands - If you are a windows user then this post may be very helpful for you. Today we have come with Some Useful Run Commands for you which commands which we are sharing in this article that is very useful and helpful for settings and customization of our PC or laptop. Using  … [Read more...]

How To Turn ON/OFF Auto Refresh Feature In Internet Explorer?

Many of us don't use Internet explorer, but many professionals like to use their official work via Internet Explorer. While surfing we fond many website which we need to refresh in some time for that we have to click refresh page. every time for new update. So we resolve this issue you can enable auto refresh feature in your browser. So when you … [Read more...]

Create Shortcut for Shutdown Your Computer

Create Shortcut for Shutdown Your Computer : I think every windows user know about shortcuts. Shortcuts is that icons, which you usually see on their desktop or any other location. We use Shortcuts to open particular file, program or folder. In This Trick you will learn how you can Create Shortcut for Shutdown Your Computer. After doing this you … [Read more...]