The Advantages of Internet Fax Software

Conventional fax machines are now being increasingly replaced by computerised systems that are automated to send and receive faxes without human intervention. Fax software has now become an integral part of home offices, as well as business infrastructure. This has eased the strain of having to carefully monitor communications, while also doing away with the expenses and hardships of purchasing, operating and maintaining traditional fax machines.
There are basically two types of software that govern automated fax systems namely, Modem-based fax software and Internet Fax Software. The main

difference between them is that the modem-based fax software resides on the PC and is accessible only from that system, while the Internet fax software is a web application that is accessible from any mobile device connected to the Internet.

Advantages of Using Fax Software
  • Fax software does away with the conventional limitation of sending just one fax at a time, allowing multiple documents to be sent to a single recipient and vice-versa, and uses the Internet to send the fax documents instead of the phone line. There are no additional phone lines or bills to be addressed; instead all expenses are covered as a part of the existing Internet connection.
  • There is no physical fax machine used and no hard copies too, as the messages are in the form of electronic documents that can be directly mailed or transmitted to one or more recipients.
  • Basic Internet fax services do not require any software to be installed on the local system; however, if the software allows encryption of content, then installation of appropriate decryption algorithm is a must for the message to be converted to human readable format.
  • Software configuration process is easy and fast, as the system is up and starts running within a short time.
  • One needs to sign up for an Internet fax service and then use the web application to further configure the settings to suit business or personal needs.
  • Fax messages can be directly routed to an Internet email service, such as Yahoo or Gmail or to email clients like Outlook or Outlook express, so that messages are received even if the computer is turned off.
  • Enhanced applications also allow fax messages to be saved and sent as .PDF files, with personal notes or highlights added to the message, and stamped with digital signatures.
How Fax Software Works
Internet fax software works simply via the Internet connection, using the fax number generated when the user subscribes for the service. The entire set of features related to sending and receiving fax messages can be configured using the web application on the service provider’s website, and contents can be viewed or sent directly from the user’s mail account. Messages can be saved or printed in any format, whenever required.
Modem-based fax software routes the fax content from the PC to the recipient via the phone-line, with the PC doubling up as a fax machine. Custom printer drivers offered as a part of the software allow users to create and send fax messages from any application that has a print function. Spam filters, voice mails, caller IDs and a host of other features are available with modem-based fax software that does not require an Internet connection for basic functions.
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