Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks

Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks

For all the bloggers and other enthusiasts who want to earn some extra cash without doing any much efforts then affiliate network marketing programs are for you. This program requires a little bit ofcreativity and skills from your end and soon you will be earning a handsome amount of cash. 

Here are some of the Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks that you can work to improve your business  or organization and  normal people can also 

Earn money easily through this online affiliate marketing:

1. E-Junkie: This affiliate is one of the best in the market. The network deals in products across multiple categories. You can buy, sell or simply put the process on autopilot so that you can be assured of guaranteed income. The network will provide in suitable inputs and other technical support so that you can sell better. The system uses PayPal as its primary payment gateway.

2. Commission Junction: The Commission Junction (CJ) is one of the leading affiliate networks in the world. The network has been providing its services since the last few years. The products that you want so sell have been sorted according to categories and there are a number of popular brands that you can endorse.

3. Clickbank: This is another popular alternative that pays you attractive commission. You can be assured of commissions in the range of 40 to 75 per cent for every product you sell. There are more than 10000 products that belong to various categories like technology, health, fitness, sports, etc. 

4. Amazon: This network belongs to one of the most popular names in the IT industry. The network will be best suited for those running ecommerce sites and applications. You can directly pick up any product from the main store of Amazon and place its context links on your blog. For every sale you make you can earn a commission of 10 to 30 per cent. You can place the links just like the Google Ads.

5. ShareASaleThis is another decade old network that has proved its mettle in the field of affiliate marketing. There are more than 2600 dealers to choose from which varies from sports to travelling and technology. The network is number one in United States.

6. Google: The Google runs its affiliate program via the AdSense service. The options are limited but the commissions can be attractive. This program also requires professional commitment from your side.

7. Affiliate Window: This is a UK based network that mainly deals in shoes, perfumes, cosmetics,chocolates and other commodities. The network has some of the best brands in UK and the commission rates are also high. It pays only once in a month and has excellent statistics.

8. LinkConnector: This is a relatively new network that is fastly catching up with the other major networks of the world. The network was launched in 2004 and uses Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale models. The network also considers the PageRank of your site before sending some quality traffic.

9. CPA EmpireCPA stands for Cost Per Action. This network is suitable for those who can do a lot of email marketing and promotions. The empire is all set to expand its base and has several acquisitions under its belt.

10. Nitro Marketing: This network offers a vast collection of technology products. There are a number of educational products also. The mode of payment is monthly and has a high commissionto offer for every product you sell. Best Affiliate Networks
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