Useful Tips for LAPTOP

Here are some tips for laptop, laptop are much more sensitive as compare to desktop, so we have to take some extra care of laptop. Here are some tips:

Battery charge – Laptop autonomy
Discharge completely your battery at least once per month.

Security – Laptop tracking
Use the CyberAngel security solution to track your laptop in case it is stolen.

Laptops are very sensitive to humidity. Avoid liquid exposure as much as you can (water, juice, etc…).

Laptops are very sensitive to dust. Make sure the laptop is never left on a floor, but that it is always high on a table, desk, stand, etc… Check vents frequently to see if they are not obstructed.

It is not enough to have an antivirus program installed. It needs to be kept up-to-date, and we recommend to update it at least once per week.
Windows Updates

Make sure that your computer downloads Window Updates periodically and frequently. This will enhance stability and security of your operating system.

Always use an appropriate carrying bag when traveling, to enhance shock absorption. Whenever you need to ship your laptop through a carrier (SUPS, FedEx, UPS, etc…), always use packaging specifically designed for laptops transit.
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