What Is USB Debugging Mode?

What Is USB Debugging Mode?
USB Debugging Mode is a mode
that can be enabled in Android
after connecting the device directly
to a computer with a USB cable.
The primary function of this mode
is to facilitate a connection
between an Android device and a
computer with Android SDK
(software development kit). As the
name might suggest, Android SDK
is a software suite that’s designed
to aid in the development of
Android apps.
Ever wondered how a programmer
creates apps on the Android?
They definitely don’t code them
straight on the phone device! That
would be nightmarish at best.
Instead, they utilize the
environment of the Android SDK
to code apps on a computer, use
USB Debugging Mode to transfer
those apps to a device for testing.
But, again, here’s the takeaway:
USB Debugging Mode establishes
a direct connection between an
Android device and a computer
and readies it for deeper-level
actions. That’s the important part.
In some versions of Android, the
USB Debugging Mode feature may
be called Developer Mode. With
such a name, it can be easy (and
reasonable) to think that you’ll
never need to deal with this
aspect of Android if you never
plan on developing anything.
That’s not exactly true.

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